Agisanang SA Training

Agisanang SA Training – Kimberley, Northern Cape

We are a national training service provider focusing on providing Human Resource, Education, Training and Development in South Africa.

The Courses we offer include:

  • Construction Equipment Training
  • Crane Training
  • Driver Training (Code 8-14 & 4×4)
  • Earthmoving Equipment Training
  • Lift Truck Training
  • Mining Equipment Training
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Permit-To-Work: 2 Day Training Course


The vision of Agisanang SA Training is to be the Provider of accredited skills development programs based upon identified needs.

Mission Statement

Agisanang SA Training is a training and development company whose mission it is to introduce innovative solutions to customers in order for them to accelerate productivity and bridge gaps to facilitate breakthrough improvement in human performance while increasing profitability and shareholder value for the company.

Our Purpose

  • To train and market our courses and services we offer as specialists in the industry.

Our Goals

  • To strive for the highest of customer service.
  • To fulfil the aspirations of our employees through training, job advancement and reward.
  • To invest in the well being of the community which we serve.
  • To provide training and services of the highest quality.

Our Values

  • Honesty and integrity in our dealings with our customers.
  • Equal opportunity for all our employees who are our greatest asset.

Training courses are registered with South Africa Qualification Authority (SAQA). The Company is accredited by the Transport Education Training Authority ETQA (TETA). Our accreditation number is TETA 04-119. Agisanang SA Training courses are outcomes based. This means that a holistic approach is followed where learning is focused on the results to be achieved, and competency is strived for in all the domains of human performance. Learners on our courses must reach a predetermined standard before being issued with a certificate of competence. Training can be conducted on site-specialised. Our assessors are experienced to train and assess trainees towards competency. Training is provided on the National Qualification Framework (NQF) level, crediting trainees towards achieving higher qualifications in their specific fields of training. These include comprehensive evaluation and feedback, providing management with the tools which will enable them to monitor and maintain the professional standard achieved during training. Agisanang SA Training has assured that our assessors meet the SAQA assessor criteria, and are committed to ensuring that we as a training provider adhere to all the stipulated criteria with regard to quality assurance.

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  1. howmuch wil a screen crusher course and drill rig course cost and do you offer job assistance also and are you located in kimberley do you offer free accomadation and are your certificates well known

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