75yrs Celebration – Air Defence Artillery Formation

On Wednesday, 2 September 2015 the Air Defence Artillery Formation will be holding their 75 years celebration in Kimberley. This will take place in the vicinity of the Honoured Dead Memorial/Oliver Road. This march past/parade of Military equipment and soldiers starts at 10 o’clock and proceeds up Oliver Road. This road will most likely be closed from 08h00 until 12h00.

Taking part will be Regular and Reserve Force Units of the Air Defence Artillery totalling approximately 480 soldiers. The military equipment that can be seen will total approximately 100 and will include military vehicles and equipment from old guns – from the 40 mm Bofors to the more recent 35 mm guns.

This is not something that seen very often so if you have time to attend please feel welcome to participate in these celebrations. Get there early to avoid traffic problems.

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