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Tokoloshe Haunts Kimberley’s Queens Park, Leaving Path of Terror in its Wake

Tokoloshe Haunts Kimberley’s Queens Park, Leaving Path of Terror in its Wake

KIMBERLEY, SOUTH AFRICA – An unsettling shadow has fallen over Kimberley’s beloved Queens Park. Local folklore has come terrifyingly alive with reports of a tokoloshe, a malevolent dwarf-like creature from African mythology, lurking in the park after dark. The park, known for its lush gardens and historical significance, has always been a popular spot for […]

4 SPM Electricians Injured in Hercules Street Substation Explosion

Photo supplied.

KIMBERLEY – Four electricians of the Sol Plaatje Municipality were injured in an explosion at the Hercules Street Substation this morning at around 9:00. The electricians were on-call and attending to a cable fault when the incident occurred. The injured were rushed to the hospital for immediate medical attention. No information has been released regarding […]

Motorcyclist Hospitalised After Hitting Speedbump in Kimberley

Photograph of the speedbump in Oliver Road by SPM Councillor Ockert Fourie.

A motorcyclist was rushed to Gariep Hospital early on Thursday morning after hitting a speedbump on the N8 on Oliver Road in Kimberley. According to a Kimberley resident, the accident occurred around midnight on 24 April 2024, with SAPS being notified at 00:03. “I have heard all sorts of vehicles, trucks with heavy loads included […]

Adamantia Student Violently Robbed of Bicycle Near School with Taser

Stock photo by Tobias Tullius.

NEW PARK, KIMBERLEY – An Adamantia High School student was robbed of his bicycle this morning around 6:20 am near the school on Hunt Street in New Park. According to reports, two unidentified men approached the student. In an attempt to knock him off balance, they kicked his back wheel before pulling him to the […]

[WATCH] Gogga Leak Repair: Site Drainage Continues, Damage Still To Be Assessed

Dr Mias van der Walt, Bigen Africa's Managing Director onsite at Goga Valve Station.

Bigen Africa, the company contracted to repair water leaks in Sol Plaatje Municipality, is working diligently to restore water supply to affected areas. A media statement by Dr Mias van der Walt, Bigen Africa’s Managing Director, provided an update on the progress and timelines. The primary leak is located at a scour valve, with two […]

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