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Useful Web Apps

When we find a useful web app that can benefit our readers we post it here.

Renew Your Motor Vehicle Licence Online

You can now renew and pay online for your motor vehicle license renewal and have it delivered to you. Visit to renew your motor vehicle license now!

Check Your Driver’s License Status

Click here if you want to check the status of your South African driver license renewal and if your new card is ready for collection.

Do you know the ward councillor candidates for your area?

Click here to check who is running for ward councillor in your area.

Jedi Private Search Engine is an alternative private search engine.

A.I. Symptom Checker is a useful digital health assistant that can help you narrow down diseases based on your symptoms. We absolutely love it.

Background Ambience Generator will help you focus, meditate or relax.

Classify Galaxies

Galaxy Zoo is a community scientist project where anyone can help astronomers identify galaxies.

COVID-19 World Map

The JHU CSSE COVID-19 Dashboard is an interactive world map with the latest statistic on COVID-19.

The Kimberley Prospector’s Android App

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Muso: Create Amazing Songs Instantly

With Muso, you can create amazing songs about any topic instantly!

Suma: An Instant Summary Service

Suma is an instant summary service that can quickly and affordably summarise long pieces of text. Summarise up to 7189 characters, which is equivalent to approximately 1106 – 1438 words or 4.4 – 5.8 pages. Suma also offers a discounted rate of only R19 for your first summary and R25 for every summary after that. With such an affordable price, you can quickly and easily summarise any long pieces of text and stay on top of the information overload.

Ask Vanie: AI-Driven Q&A Search

Ask Vanie’s advanced search feature is powered by AI-driven technology. This technology scans through millions of documents to find the best answers for you. Plus, Ask Vanie provides a personalized experience tailored to your prompt. So, you can get the answers you need quickly and conveniently.

Introducing Adora – The Ultimate Instant Creative Ad Writing Service

Adora is an online service that allows you to generate creative ads for almost any product in seconds – all for just R5! No matter how mundane the product, Adora can make it shine with the perfect ad. You don’t need to waste your time trying to come up with the perfect ad – just let Adora do the work for you.

Leagle Search: Discover Relevant South African Laws Quickly with New AI-Powered Search

Introducing Leagle Search – an AI-powered service that can help you search for South African laws that are relevant to your situation. Learn more at

Jurno: Write an Article with AI

Are you a creative looking for a convenient and reliable way to create quality articles? Look no further than Jurno! Jurno is an article-writing service powered by ChatGPT, a cutting-edge AI technology, that instantly transforms your information into a well-written article of between 250 and 350 words. With Jurno, you can create custom articles for your own reading pleasure, or take existing media statements and reword them in your own words. Plus, you can generate top-notch work for publications, blogs, or anywhere, for a flat fee of R150 per article. So, say goodbye to the time-consuming task of article writing and hello to Jurno! Visit to learn more. Try Jurno today and experience the ease with which you can craft content for your media needs.

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