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Galeshewe Circle Farmers Market to Empower Backyard Growers

Michael Hawthorne

KIMBERLEY – Local backyard farmers will have the opportunity to showcase and sell their produce at the Sol Plaatjie Farmers Market at the Galeshewe Circle tomorrow, Friday, February 9th. This initiative, organized by the Northern Cape Department of Agriculture, Environmental Affairs, Rural Development and Land Reform, aims to empower these often overlooked growers and create a platform for them to generate income and achieve sustainable livelihoods.

“Bringing these farmers together provides a valuable marketplace for their agricultural produce,” explained Mr. Bongani Silingile, Media Liaison Officer for the department. “This not only fosters food security but also encourages them to view farming as a viable business venture.”

The market will see a diverse range of products available, from fresh vegetables like spinach, onions, and chillies to seedlings, live chickens, eggs, raw honey, and herbal products. Additionally, information-sharing sessions will be held to equip farmers with the knowledge and resources they need to thrive.

This initiative addresses the challenges faced by many backyard farmers who often lack access to markets and support systems. By providing a platform for them to connect with consumers and share their experiences, the department hopes to empower these individuals and contribute to a more sustainable and food-secure future for the province.

So, if you’re looking for fresh, local produce and want to support your community’s backyard growers, head down to the Sol Plaatjie Farmers Market at the Galeshewe Circle tomorrow and see what these enterprising individuals have to offer!


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