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[WATCH] Gogga Leak Repair: Site Drainage Continues, Damage Still To Be Assessed

Editorial Staff

Bigen Africa, the company contracted to repair water leaks in Sol Plaatje Municipality, is working diligently to restore water supply to affected areas. A media statement by Dr Mias van der Walt, Bigen Africa’s Managing Director, provided an update on the progress and timelines.

The primary leak is located at a scour valve, with two potential scenarios for repair. The first involves simply closing a partially open valve, allowing for a quick recharge of the pipeline by Saturday evening. The second scenario involves a tilted valve chamber due to erosion, requiring a more extensive 24-hour repair with welding.

Regardless of the scenario, Dr van der Walt anticipates water being restored to the community by Sunday evening. Refilling the reservoirs after repairs will take an additional 6 to 8 hours.

Bigen Africa is also addressing a separate leak at the Camelia reservoir, which is expected to be fixed within 6 hours. However, full restoration depends on the primary leak repair due to them being on the same pipeline.


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